08 — 2019 + 2020
installation + video 

video installation 
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In hopes of bringing attention towards our consumer habits as a sociey, I created a sensory installation speaking upon plastic and waste pollution in our oceans. When you step into the ocean, what is it that you feel? Do you feel safe or trapped? Do you feel as though everything around you is deteriorating and engulfing you? After having being lectured on what was going through my mind exposing other students to trash and having it roaming around school I thought to myself- if humans react this was to trash being in their environment and it causes them to be upset, to retract and fight for their basic fundamental space, why won’t they do it for animals? Why is marine life suffering at our expense?


poster design with hashtag #movementcreatesreaction meant to bring awareness through social media platforms.

© Noelia Jerez